Shandong Madic Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative company focusing on the development and manufacturing of world-leading preclinical PET/SEPCT/CT systems. Madic is the pioneer in the design and implementation of the next-generation PET architecture and was the first in the world to propose and implement sub-millimeter PET as well as secondscale full brain PET imaging system. Powered by its ultra-high resolution and ultra-fast molecular imaging technologies, Madic has delivered superior PET/SEPCT/CT systems to its clients around the globe to tackle unmet needs in basic research and drug discovery.

    Madic has developed full capacities in every aspect of PET/SEPCT/CT, including crystal cutting and grinding, circuit design and simulation, and system assembling and testing. As such, Madic is able to not only advance its cutting edge PET/SEPCT/CT technologies at unprecedented speed, but also provide highly customized systems to meet specific client needs.

     Madic is headquartered in Hefei, Anhui, the heartland of East China, and has research and development centers and manufacturing facilities in Hefei and Linyi, Shandong, as well as offices in Europe and North America. Madic is the organizer of the “Linyi International Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Summit,” the highest-caliber international nuclear medicine forum in China, and has been its host since 2015.

— Mission

China's ingenuity is changing the world

Become a world-class high-end instrument company,
and strive for the cause of human health!

Value view

constantly create corporate value,
and actively assume social responsibility.

2012 Aug. Madic founded with a registered capital of RMB 10 million in Linyi, Shandong Province
2014 Feb. sold the first set of small animal PET, ended the situation of only imported PET in Chinese market
2015 Sept. held 2015 “Linyi International Medical and Molecular Imaging Summit Forum”which turns out to be routine activity for next 4 consecutive years, and found “Sino-US Nuclear Medicine Institute”
2017 Jun. invent the “ super-high sensitivity technology” , and successfully launched second-level 4D PET in 2 years later
2019 Sept. secured the series A funding
In 2020, the world's first small animal PET/CT with 0.42mm spatial resolution will be developed
SPECT/CT and PET/SPECT/CT for small animals will be introduced in 2022
The products will be exported to the United States in 2023