The prognostic potential and oncogenic effects of PRR11 expression in hilar cholangiocarcinoma

2021-05-20 13:09
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  • Title:《The prognostic potential and oncogenic effects of PRR11 expression in hilar cholangiocarcinoma

  • Abstract:PRR11 is a newly identified oncogene in lung cancer, yet its role in others tumors remains unclear. Gastrointestinal tissue microarrays were used

    to evaluate PRR11 expression and its association with clinical outcome was analyzed in patients with hilar cholangiocarcinoma. Overexpression of PRR11 was

    observed in esophageal, gastric, pancreatic, colorectal, and hilar cholangiocarcinoma. Expression of PRR11 correlated with lymph node metastasis and CA199 level in two HC patient cohorts. After an R0 resection, a high level of PRR11 expression was found to be an independent indicator of recurrence (P = 0.001). In cellculture, PRR11 silencing resulted in decreased cellular proliferation, cell migration, tumor growth of QBC939 cells. Microarray analysis revealed that several genes involved in cell proliferation, cell adhesion, and cell migration were altered in PRR11-knockout cells, including: vimentin (VIM), Ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase 1 (UCHL1), early growth response protein (EGR1), and System A amino acid transporter1 (SNAT1). Silencing PRR11 inhibited the expression of UCHL1, EGR1, and SNAT1 proteins, with immunoassays revealing a significant correlation among the levels of these four proteins. These results indicate that PRR11 is an independent prognostic indicator for patients with HC.

  • Periodical:Oncotarget

  • Impact Factor: 6.359

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  • Study authors:Yu Guanzhen

  • Research unit:Department of oncology, Shanghai Changzheng Hospital

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Related experimental information and images

  • Experimental model:Hilar cholangiocarcinoma in situ_ BALB / c-nu mice

  • Imaging agent:FDG

  • Mode of administration:Tail vein administration

  • Data acquisition time:10min

  • Injection dose:129uci

  • Research image:The tumor location was shown at the crosshairs